Welcome To Top3Rated.com!

Whether you use this site to start your search for great products, as a quick way to find the best items… our goal is to get the best products in your hands as quickly as possible.

We accomplish this by doing extensive research and analysis for each item, and arranging the results in a clean and simple layout. Unlike many review sites, our research is not based on one user’s preferences, but rather on a compilation of hundreds of user reviews across the internet.

Products are subject to strict guidelines to be considered for top3rated.com, and then ranked according to the three very best items using a weighted formula.

The primary factors considered are:

  • Rating: Reviews are based on a 5 star system, and at least 4 stars are required.
  • Number of Reviews: The more independent users that review an item, the more trustworthy the rating is. Unless a product is a newer model of a highly rated former model, the minimum number of reviews is 30.
  • Cost: The best items have a high value to low cost ratio. All other factors being fairly equal, the lower cost item will be listed higher.

This site was started by consumers who are obsessed with owning only the best products. Everyone loves getting the best value for their dollar. Unfortunately, the hours of research required to get the best… doesn’t tend to be worth it for lower priced items. Top3Rated spends the time doing the research and analysis, you get the best product for your money.

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